This app is intended for those wishing to learn the Morse code alphabet and numbers.
Based on the Koch method, this app focuses on listening to Morse code starting at 20WPM
rather than learning visual representations with dots and dashes at slower rates.
Speeds under 20WPM are included to accommodate different learning personalities.

There are two interfaces for learning and practicing Morse code:
the Key Pad interface and the Copy Pad interface.

Key Pad interface : a character is played in Morse code
and your task is to tap the matching key on the QWERTY-style key pad.
With practice, you will learn to associate each character with its audio Morse code equivalent.

Copy Pad interface : strings of random characters are played
in Morse code for you to headcopy or write in the whitespace.
This is a good way to practice copying Morse code while on-the-go.
Please note: the Copy Pad DOES NOT attempt to recognize your handwriting,
but rather serves as a self-check of your progress.

By default, Custom = OFF and all characters are enabled.
You are always free to switch among WPM.

Characters :

You may choose a custom list of characters by setting Custom = ON and selecting the desired characters.
While Custom = ON, you will be quizzed on only those characters
you have selected in both Key Pad and Copy Pad interfaces.
Also, the stats shown are for the custom list of characters only.
You may enable all characters by setting Custom = OFF.
You will be then be able to see stats for all characters.

Several elements in this app respond to certain gestures:

Tap the Character button, located between the About App and Custom = ON/OFF buttons,
to show/hide the character played if you need a hint.

Touch and hold the Character button to reveal your stats.
If Custom = ON, then only the stats for your custom list are shown.

Touch and hold the Target image, located top center, to reset all stats or custom stats.
You are asked to confirm the action.

Touch and hold the Custom = ON/OFF button to reset your custom list of characters.
This action does not affect your stats.

Touch and hold any alphanumeric button on the Key Pad interface to hear that character
in Morse code without registering a hit or miss.

Touch and hold the Repeat button in the lower left to adjust the keypad font size.

Lastly, if you have questions, suggestions, concerns or otherwise,
please contact

Alphanumeric Morse code learning app for Android
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