Official DTMF pad of RFinder Android Radio

This Android app will give you a 16 tone DTMF (Dual-tone multi-frequency) keypad,
the ability to generate custom DTMF sequences,
set the duration and tone/silence ratio, and to encode CTCSS / PL tones.
This app works in both portrait and landscape modes.

Included are the DTMF characters 1234567890*#, the AUTOVON tones ABCD,
a 1750Hz tone burst button for European repeaters,
plus 52 CTCSS / PL tone frequencies 67.0 Hz - 254.1 Hz.

You may enter a custom sequence via the keypad, soft keyboard,
or speech if your device already has speech-to-text capability.
Use any non-DTMF character in the sequence to program a delay.
DTMF strings and parameters may be saved/deleted/overwritten to a list.
To add an entry, enter the DTMF string and set other parameters.
Hold the top message to save.
To delete an entry, recall the string and try to save it again.
Hold the top message to delete.
To overwrite an entry, recall the string and edit parameters.
Tap the top message to overwrite.

To clear the DTMF sequence, tap and hold the DTMF button.
Tap the DTMF button the start/stop the DTMF string during playback.
Use the Mute button to silence the keypad during programming.
Tap and hold the Mute button to toggle between portrait and landscape modes.
Tap the CTCSS button to toggle ON / LOOP / OFF.
Touch and hold to select CTCSS / PL tone frequency.

If entering a string consisting of letters, please use lower case
to prevent confusion with the AUTOVON priority tones ABCD.
Other capital letters will be treated as pauses.
For example, the string "DTMF" will be interpreted as AUTOVON "D" with
three trailing pauses, whereas "dtmf" will be equivalent to "3863".

This is basically a touch tone telephone keypad, which may be of interest to
amateur ham radio repeater operators, preppers, survivalists, and phreakers.

If your ham radio or microphone does not have DTMF or CTCSS / PL tones,
then you can use this app instead.

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DTMF tone generator keypad with CTCSS Android app
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