This Amateur ham radio QTH locator grid square calculator tool converts
Latitude and Longitude geographical coordinates into Maidenhead Grid Square.
This app assumes that by default your device reports
Latitude and Longitude in Decimal Degrees and Altitude in meters.
Tap on the Grid Square value to have it read to you in phonetics.

To convert among Decimal Degrees (DD), Degrees Decimal Minutes (D:DM),
and Degrees Minutes Seconds (D:M:S), tap either the Latitude or Longitude value field.
Tap on the Altitude field to convert between Meters and Feet.

You may use the Location Sensor (if Location Services are enabled with GPS)
in your Android device to obtain your geographical location and calculate your current Grid Square,
or you may enter a custom Latitude and Longitude via the keypad to calculate a custom Grid Square.
Initial coordinate acquisition time via GPS varies
depending on your location and/or Android device.

To enter custom coordinates, tap and hold either Latitude or Longitude value field.
The keypad will be enabled and you may enter coordinates in DD, D:DM, or D:M:S format,
depending on the current display.

Alternatively, if you have an internet connection,
you may use the Show Map option to display a map of your surroundings.
Tap on the map to switch among Road, Terrain, and Aerial map types.
Tap and hold on a map location to use those coordinates as a custom Latitude and Longitude.
Please note: the map shown is NOT a Grid Square map,
but is provided as another way to enter custom geographical coordinates
for a custom Grid Square calculation, and to calculate distances and bearings.

Also, with an internet connection, you may enter a custom Grid Square value
and have those areas outlined on a world geographic map.
You can enter values of Field (Green rectangle), Grid (Black rectangle), and SubGrid (Blue rectangle).
Tap and hold the Grid Square value field to enable the Grid Square map and keypad.
You may enter 2, 4 or 6 characters and the corresponding regions will be outlined.

If your device has an Orientation Sensor, then Azimuth readings will be displayed
in decimal format and can be used as a compass.
Tap on the Azimuth reading to show/hide.

Optionally, you can choose to have your device sound and/or vibrate
if the custom coordinate input is invalid or out of range, and with the Speech On option
the Grid Square will be read to you in phonetics each time it changes.

You may also choose to enable DTMF tones on the keypad.
The Decimal key doubles as DTMF *, and the Minus key doubles as DTMF #.
Tap and hold the Option button to toggle between Portrait and Landscape modes.

This Android app may be of interest to 10 meter/6 meter/VHF/UHF
amateur ham radio contest operators, grid square hunters and QSO party participants.

This app is intended as a amateur ham radio Grid Square calculator tool
and QTH locator for VHF/UHF radio contesting and QSO parties.
Despite its features, it is not intended to be a personal navigator,
geocaching tool, trip planner, hike mapper, pet finder, etc...

For 10-40 WPM CW Morse code learning,
please see KG9E's Morse code trainer and CW practice apps on
Google Play and Amazon Appstore

Amateur radio Grid Square calculator tool Android app
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